Data sheet

Management of regulatory processes

  • Registration of products (MAA).
  • Renewal.
  • Variations.


  • Developing the marketing strategy and launching of new products.
  • Marketing plan and promotional program.

Business plan

  • Market survey.
  • Competing environment.
  • Opportunities identification, diagnosis and analysis.

Choice of molecules

  • Optimize market penetration.
  • Clinical studies : Deployment, follow-up, pharmacovigilance, closure and archiving.

Organizing sales force

  • Management and animation.
  • Managing warehouse and orders : Ensuring products availability.
  • Orders handling and transfer.

Authorized representative in Tunisia for medical equipments manufacturer

  • You are interested in registering and selling your medical equipments in Tunisia.
  • For legal procedures, in case you are not represented in the country, you must designate an official representative in Tunisia.
  • The manufacturers of medical equipments who have not an office in Tunisia must designate an authorized representative in order to carry on the rgsistration procedure in the country to get the AMC (Authorization for Market Consumption).
  • Your authorized representative is your relay with government offices: such DPM (Pharmacy and Medicine Office), the LNCM ( National Laboratory of Medicine Control) and the Health Ministry and possibly the Central Pharmacy of Tunisia.
  • Representative in Tunisia for API and packaging providers.


  • Our objective is centered on quality and patient security.
  • We are at the service of the pharmaceutical industry professionals.
  • Leverage business collaboration between providers and local manufacturers.


  • Our mission is to put in relation and close the gap between international providers and local manufacturers; for this sake, we lead negotiations and insure full agreement is  made between both parties.